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Made with usability in mind.
Create pixel-perfect, fully customisable cloud forms, with just a few clicks.

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Simply Amazing features

Epic Form Builder is the best form builder available. Create pixel-perfect, fully customisable forms with just a few simple clicks.

It is The Best!

Our rigorous and diligent development process means that you will benefit from new features or improved the old ones.

Fast and Reliable

Made with productivity in mind, we improving our service day by day, so you knew you are safe with us.

Drag and Drop Interface

Old as the world, well known Drag&Drop. Pick your mouse, click and drag. That is how things work within our form builder.

Hosted in the Cloud

You Forms are hosted in the Cloud. Available 24/7. Always there to collect submissions.

Epic Form Builder Amazing Features

Wow. Features. Who needs a product without them, right?
We have so many features that they don't fit the space we have, here are some of them...

Drag and Drop Interface

Build forms by dragging and dropping form elements on to your desired form

Unlimited Responses

We always store all of your responses even if you using a FREE package

File Attachments

File attachments give users the ability to upload files to their form submission

Anti-virus Scanner

For added security we can offer a virus scan on every form submission to make sure that the responses and any attachments are safe



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